Hello and welcome to Bella Carta Paper! I’m Jeanette, and I create exquisitely crafted calligraphy. I incorporate my designs into greeting cards for every occasion and decorative prints, which can be customized to your specified desires.

Bella carta is Italian for beautiful paper. It is suggestive of Tuscany’s green rolling hills and the vibrant yellows and browns of its seasonal sunflowers. Or perhaps what comes to mind is the beautiful blue Mediterranean and charming villages along the Amalfi Coast. In this technology-driven world, the contrast in a personalized calligraphed piece of art is bound to be recognized and appreciated by its recipient.

I take seriously the satisfaction of every one of my clients. My objective is that with your purchase or commission of any of my creations, their recipients are brought, if only for a moment, to La Dolce Vita..

So, please click on Get in Touch and let's start making your dreams a reality.